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Discover the inspiring stories of our valued clients who entrusted us to guide them through the intricate real estate landscape, allowing us to collaborate seamlessly in realizing their aspirations. Whether they were up-sizing, down-sizing, investing, venturing into homeownership for the first time, or embarking on their initial selling journey, our commitment to excellence ensures a refined and elevated experience for every individual.

Recognizing that each client brings a unique set of real estate plans and goals, we cherish the privilege of working closely with them. Our honor lies in the trust they place in us to turn their dreams into reality. Through personalized attention and unwavering dedication, we strive to make every real estate venture a testament to success and satisfaction.

For us Hamid was able to complete a challenging sale in a very complicated market. Hamid put every effort to accomplish this. Pleasure to work with, professional and conscientious, highly recommended. Thank you very much, Hamid!

We had the pleasure of working with Hamid, the exceptional realtor who helped us find and purchase a great apartment. His professionalism, expertise, and dedication made the entire process a delight. From our initial consultation to the final closing, our realtor prioritized our needs, negotiated skillfully, and provided invaluable guidance.
His outstanding negotiation skills helped us secure the apartment at a favorable price. We highly recommend Hamid to anyone seeking a reliable and trustworthy agent.

Hamid is an amazing realtor, very knowledgeable and professional. I appreciated his background on data analysis and how he applied that knowledge to ensure we got the best value for out money. We didn’t feel pressured to buy which I really appreciated. He also works with an amazing mortgage team and home inspector who both provided us with impeccable service. Thank you so much Hamid for all the help!

Hamid is very active and enthusiastic realtor.

In addition to being knowledgeable and professional, Hamid is also readily available, robust, caring, and reliable. He's a caring realtor who makes sure his clients get the best deals. I would highly recommend Hamid.

Highly recommended for his professionalism and commitment to client satisfaction.

Mr. Khaleghi is an exceptionally knowledgeable and professional realtor and also one of the kindest and most caring people I have ever met. During our time as his client, he was always welcoming to our questions and often went out of his way to address our concerns. He always provided complete answers to our questions and made sure that we understood all the information necessary that would effect our decision. Mr. Khaleghi truly strives to understand your situation and works with genuine empathy to provide you with the best service. He went above and beyond in his assistance and we would defiantly return to him for his expertise.

Thanks for the great service Hamid! Hamid is so professional and patient which is sooooo important as a realtor. Sometimes I call and text him at night, he always replys so quick. I and my husband are so happy to know Hamid and hire him as our realtor. We will definitely work with him in the future and refer to all our friends!

We had an amazing experience with Hamid khaleghi , he provided excellent service and guidance in the process of buying our first house, you have been very attentive and responded quickly to our questions and concerned. Hundred percent I recommend you to my friends and everyone who looking for a professional realtor . he will take care of you. Thank you Hamid for your service to our family 🙏🙏

Hamid took great care of us!
His level of knowledge and insights into the different properties we looked at was invaluable. He was on top of everything (i.e. sending & reviewing documents and all) and literally had a team of amazing people he recommended when it came to our mortgage, inspection, etc.

Hamid is great, we just purchased our first home with him. With us being first time buyers, he guided us through the whole process, readily making himself available to answer any questions we had.
He made us feel comfortable and confident when we decided to purchase. He kept us in the loop and was always a step ahead in providing us info on what to do next.
Good luck Hamid.

The agent was very polite and explained very professionally. I like the home staging of the house very much.

Hamid is the best realtor. We have a business and Hamid always support us that’s why we chose Hamid to help us to buy first home and he fide the best deal also he put on the table lots of options for me to buy second home
I really suggest Hamid to anyone who wants to buy home or any property

Hamid did a Great job in selling our property! During our interaction with Hamid, we found him to be a committed, responsible, and knowledgeable realtor, consistently striving to deliver optimal service. He employs various methods to prioritize his clients' interests over his own, leading to a positive reputation and increasing client reliance. This underscores his intelligence and client-focused approach. I highly recommend Hamid!

We had an amazing real estate journey with Mr. Khaleghi recently. We admire Hamid for his broad knowledge of market analysis, sense of responsibility, professionalism, punctuality, work ethics, taking ownership of his clients’ real estate experiences, outstanding negotiation technique, and providing a professional team for any real estate need.
Hamid has proven to analyze the market precisely. After a couple of discussions with him and realizing that his prediction of market changes turned to be always correct, we felt comfortable to trust him and follow his direction for future decision making. Therefore, we did not hesitate to adjust the sale price of our previous property and balance our expectations when searching for a new place based on the current market.
We always felt supported in our sale/purchase journey with Hamid. There were a few cases that Hamid and his brokerage saved us from being trapped in an unfair deal. Hamid has been always available for any real estate inquires. We never felt we missed any chances to show our previous property to the potential buyers and to view new inventories coming to the market. He always acted professionally with his unique sense of humour which often helped us smoothen the stressful situations in real estate activities.
In our real estate experience with Hamid, we never felt pushed for any decision making. Hamid proved to take the ownership of our sale/purchase and acted with due diligence as if he is selling or purchasing for himself or a family member. Whenever we felt undecided when facing an unknown, Hamid came back to us with an optimal solution. Apart from his perfect real estate performance, Hamid provided us a professional team consists of a mortgage broker, inspector, contractor, and electrician, who supported us throughout this journey to achieve our goal.
Hamid’s unique negotiation technique made us find a great deal in such a fluctuating market. He also fought a lot to keep the deal alive until we took the ownership of our next property. After this wonderful real estate journey with Hamid, we feel rewarded in both our sale and purchase. Therefore, we have no reservation to refer Hamid for any real estate activities.

Hamid is so knowledgeable and friendly, patient and competent in his job. He helped us to buy our first home. We feel confident as we could trust to his experience.
I would highly recommend Hamid if you are looking to chose your trustworthy realtor.

I had the pleasure of working with Hamid, and I couldn't be more thrilled with the results.

Hamid excels as a real estate buyer's agent with his exceptional availability and responsiveness. He consistently answered our calls promptly, even after hours, easing the stress of home buying. His quick action in setting up property viewings kept us ahead in the competitive market. More importantly, Hamid's effort to understand our needs made our house hunting efficient and focused, showing his dedication to finding us the right home.

We had a fantastic experience with Hamid as our realtor. His dedication and seriousness in the job were truly impressive. Hamid went above and beyond, encouraging us to explore various options and meticulously delving into details to ensure our home perfectly matched our taste. His commitment to finding the best property made the entire process enjoyable and stress-free. I highly recommend Hamid for anyone seeking a dedicated and detail-oriented realtor.

As a licensed home inspector, I have had the pleasure of working with Hamid Khaleghi. In our collaborations, I've observed his exceptional honesty with clients, a trait that distinguishes him in the real estate industry. His background in engineering is clearly reflected in his analytical approach to each situation, ensuring decisions are well-informed and strategic. Hamid's meticulousness in scrutinizing property documents is commendable, leaving no stone unturned. He consistently conducts thorough research and leverages all his resources for the benefit of his clients. Most notably, the dedication and time he invests in each client are remarkable, highlighting his commitment to providing top-notch service. Working with Hamid has been a truly positive experience.

We sold an apartment in Vancouver and bought a house in Coquitlam with Hamid. His commitment and professionalism helped us achieve best results in minimal time. We highly recommend him. Thank you Hamid! Five star 🌟

Hamid is a great agent! Very thorough!

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